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Strategic marketing

When should you engage a strategic marketing team?

There are four turning points when an organization typically engages external strategic marketing teams.

  1. Introducing an innovation
  2. Scaling and growing
  3. Responding to market or internal changes
  4. Engaging investors and buyers

These are critical turning points in an organization’s life, and require coordination between many internal and external perspectives. Strategic messaging and intentional outreach are key to engage your own team, other innovators, investors, new hires, or customers.

Collage illustrating when organizations usually engage in strategic marketing

Data-based strategy + targeted creative

There are two requirements for connecting with your audiences:

  1. A solid, flexible strategy based on data and research.
  2. Targeted creative that engages the attention of busy people.

When working with new and emerging technologies, where the pace of change is increasingly rapid, no two organizations should have the same strategy. We draw on our substantial experience in biomedical, emerging tech, and deep tech markets to deliver targeted insights and opportunities.

When crafting messages and outreach, we skillfully blend opportunities using the marketing tools appropriate to your goals, whether it’s digital (or metaverse) experiences, public relations, brand activations, video, trade shows, advertising, direct marketing, or sales support.

Most importantly, we’re on your team. We work well with in-house teams, other agencies, and state-of-the-art suppliers.

Graph showing a timeline of events and how it impacted several organization metrics
Collage demonstrating several projects Uncork-it did for emerging tech companies

We help emerging tech firms:

  • Introduce new products.
  • Scale in the marketplace.
  • Maneuver crisis PR.
  • Pivot and grow in any economy.
  • Prep business for sale.
  • Handle PR for investment/sale.
Collage demonstrating several projects Uncork-it did to assist university research teams

We help research teams:

  • Build reputation.
  • Hire researchers.
  • Gain funding.
  • Visualize their innovations.
  • Spin off and start up.
  • Engage peers.


Sometimes you just need a quick sanity check or audit. Sometimes you have a great team already, but need a thinking partner. With our expertise in emerging and deep technology, we work with internal teams and other agencies to help refine their strategies on an hourly or ongoing basis.

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Our process

Marketing success demands a rigorous process that incorporates sound strategy with careful analysis. Uncork-it has honed a process specifically suited to cutting-edge innovation. We like it so much, we call it DESSERT:

  • D

    Dive deep into your experience.

  • E

    Explore external insights.

  • S


  • S

    Stop! Check reality and prioritize.

  • E

    Engage messaging & tactics.

  • R

    Rate results.

  • T

    Tack & pivot.

Photograph of a pot of chocolate pudding being made from scratch

Current & Recent Clients

  • Parkinson Voice Project
  • Rapid Learning Cycles Institute
  • Torc Robotics
  • Virginia Tech Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • New River Valley Public Health Task Force
  • Inorganic Ventures
  • American Biosystems
  • Identity International
  • Onward NRV
  • Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business
  • Montgomery County Public Schools