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Thousands of companies have moved to the metaverse for virtual flexibility, lower carbon footprint, and more inclusive engagements.

You don't have to wait for new equipment or technology. The metaverse is growing today on proven platforms used by millions of people and organizations.


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Level up your remote or hybrid team with a virtual office or offsite to improve interactions, engagement, creativity, and communication.

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Interact naturally with coworkers, clients, and peers in immersive venues with meetings, brand activations, conferences, and more.

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Strengthen Teams

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Prioritize team culture by building opportunities to interact naturally through engaging offsites, escape rooms, and explorations.

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Host events in the metaverse to easily network with colleagues in your organization or in your industry—wherever they are.

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Attract the best talent by hosting recruiting events to reach top talent worldwide—as a company, region, or industry.

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Refine your processes and offerings with useful metrics. You can measure team interactions, popular presentations, and more.

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What exactly is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital environment where people can interact with each other and work, socialize and explore. The difference between the metaverse and virtual meetings is that individuals have agency and control over whom they talk with and when. Just like in physical spaces, you can walk up to conversations and walk away.

The metaverse is evolving from many different platforms and technologies and is expected to eventually offer everybody a seamless, 3D, immersive experience. Like today’s internet, countless environments will be connected to each other. At present, the easiest-to-access metaverse worlds are being built on game engines similar to the interactive, multiplayer games that so many find engaging.